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Pre wedding photography with Victoria and Joe at Crab Manor, Thirsk

On Saturday we met up with Victoria and Joe who are getting married at Crab Manor, Thirsk. We were very lucky to get a bright sunny morning for the photoshoot, as the gardens at Crab Manor are beautiful for photographs. We also had a lovely chat in the main house, with Victoria and Joe, about the arrangements for their wedding day. They will be sharing the day with an intimate group of their close family and friends. Victoria and Joe were such great fun to work with and we are very much looking forward to photographing their wedding day.

Pre Wedding Photography with Becky and Sam

On Tuesday evening we met up with Becky and Sam who are getting married in October at the fabulous Rowley Manor. It is always a joy to work at Rowley as Amanda and her amazing team always offer us a very warm welcome. Aside from that, Rowley offers many lovely locations for photography and on Tuesday we were lucky enough to be able to shoot when the sun was about to set which affords some beautiful light for photography. So just when we thought things could not get any better with stunning light and a lovely location, we then were able to work with what can only be described as our dream clients! Becky and Sam where such fun to be with, totally at ease with one another but more importantly, they were absolutely at ease in front of the camera! All of these factors made our job very easy and it certainly didn’t feel at all like work! Needless to say, that we are very much looking forward to photographing their wedding day and hoping for some lovely autumn sunshine for their photographs.

Pre Wedding Photography with Ruth & Ritchard

I am pleased to share the pre wedding photography for Ruth and Richard who are getting married in September. We met up with them yesterday at the Willerby Manor Hotel where they will be holding their wedding reception. It was a lovely summers evening and we sat in the bistro for a quick drink and a chat about their plans for the big day before heading out into the gardens to do the photography. Ruth and Ritch are a lovely couple and were such fun to work with and we are very much looking forward to their wedding!

Engagement Photography at Rise Hall with Carole & Nigel

Yesterday we met up with Carole and Nigel at the fabulous Rise Hall. It was a lovely summers day and we really enjoyed working with them in the gardens at Rise. Initially we met up with them in the library to talk about their plans for their wedding which takes place in a couple of weeks time. Its a lovely room and provided some welcome shade from the hot sunshine. Rise Hall is a great venue for wedding photography as it provides beautiful backdrops whatever the weather. The grounds are beautiful in good weather and the interiors are stunning both in summer and winter. With many venues there is nowhere to go if the weather is bad, but with Rise Hall the rooms and spaces are big and light enough to allow photography of groups large or small. Carole and Nigel were very relaxed during the photography and we are very much looking forward to working with them on their special day.

Engagement Photography with Amelia and Danny

It is difficult to know where to start with this post as it is one that is very special to me, but basically this is an engagement shoot for Amelia and Danny who got engaged in Disney Land Paris. Amelia is my god daughter and I have known her mum Tracy, and dad Russ, since we were all at school together. They are my oldest and dearest friends, and in over forty years of friendship, we have never had a crossed word. In fact, we have shared a few tears, but mostly its be one long rollercoaster of laughs and good times. I was more than honoured, and very humbled, to be asked to be god mother to Amelia when she was born, and I can remember the day as if it were yesterday. I was so happy and very emotional, because I knew just how much this little baby meant to both of her parents, but particularly to mum Tracy, who as far back as I can remember, has always had a long trail of children following her around, just like the pied piper! I have followed every step of Amelia’s life, and been lucky enough to share every birthday and Christmas with her, and her wonderful family. She has grown into a beautiful, caring young lady, and has found herself a wonderful young man in Danny, who shares her kind and loyal qualities. I cannot begin to express how much love and happiness I wish them both in their future life together, and I cannot wait for the day when they will finally tie the knot. Thank you Tracy and Russ, for being a part of my life and for sharing your three wonderful children with me. To Amelia and Danny, big hugs, we all love you more than words can say. From your Fairy godmother with the magic handbag, David, Jess, Cody, Alex & Kelly. xxxx

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