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Newborn Baby Photography with Zoe

I am really happy to share with you the photographs from a shoot I did this morning with Zoe who is just five days old! She was the perfect little model for me and it was a real joy to work with her.

Our newborn baby photography sessions take place at our studio in Hessle, near Hull. This style of baby photography should ideally be done within the first two weeks of birth as the baby is used to being curled up in a foetal position. Babies are also very sleepy during the first two weeks of their life which is ideal for these kind of photographs. We only take one booking per day for this type of shoot, which means that we can be flexible for new mums, and work around the baby, rather than be working within unrealistic time constraints. We are also happy to include mum and dad or siblings in the shoot if required.

We offer a range of baby photography products and packages that include frames, canvases, boards, acrylics, frames  storybook albums to name but a few. A standard shoot in the studio starts from £150 and includes a print of your choice. All of the props are provided and included in the price, but clients are welcome to bring their own hats, blankets or toys, if they wish to make the shoot more personal. We launder all props after each shoot, so you can be assured that we will take the best care with your precious bundle, and there is no need to worry about little accidents, as this is all in a days work for a Newborn Photographer!

If you are looking for a collection to cherish, we can provide you with a bespoke designed package, that could included a personalised album will the images from your shoot, print boxes and frames.. If you prefer, we can put the full collection on disc or USB for you. Please contact us if you would like further information about our range.

Henry’s Newborn Baby Photography – Hessle, near Hull

Its always a pleasure to do a newborn photography shoot but this one was a little bit special for me since I have know little Henry’s dad, Gavin since he was born!  Henry who is just one week old came along with dad and his lovely mum Natalie for his first photoshoot and was an absolute pleasure to work with! I have included here, just a small selection of the photographs taken during the two hour shoot, and his doting mum and dad have over 50 to choose from!  Newborn shoots are best done in the first two weeks of birth whilst the little one is still sleepy and snuggly. The shoot itself takes around two hours with most of the first hour being taken up with getting the baby nice and settled!  We carry a range of props and you can also bring along your own toys, hats and little gifts that are special and unique to your baby.

Newborn Baby Photography Shoot

Here is another example of our Newborn baby photography shoots. This photography is best done in the first two weeks of life as the baby tends to be very sleepy during this time and it is much easier for them to be placed in a foetal position. We carry a range of props and are happy to work with you if you have something special in mind. Our newborn shoots start at £95 and we offer a range of beautiful keepsakes for you to choose from including stunning bespoke Italian storybooks and canvas boards. If you are interested in capturing the the precious moments of your babies first few weeks give us a call on 01482 629430 to arrange your very special newborn photography shoot.

Newborn Baby Photography by Hull Photographer Joanne Gower

Here is a small collection of photographs from a Newborn baby photography shoot that I did at my studio in Hull last week. Charlie is the baby of a couple whose wedding I photographed  in 2012 and it was lovely to see them. The newborn baby photography sessions take at least two hours two shoot with the first hour and fifty five minutes usually being taken up with settling the baby and the last five minutes with doing the photography!  On this occasion however, Charlie was so chilled that we were able to start photographing him within five minutes of his arrival! Newborn baby photography is best done within the first two weeks of birth as the baby is most sleepy during this time and we are able to do some of the poses that you see in this collection.

Newborn Portraits by Hull Photographer Joanne Gower

Heres a peep at a few photographs of a newborn baby photography shoot I did just before Christmas. With an arrival close to Christmas the theme is already obvious but we carry a range of props and backdrops to create a beautiful portrait for your baby. Do contact us if you have something special in mind as we are always looking for new inspiration!

The newborn baby photography shoot needs to be done within the first couple of week of birth as it makes it much easier for us to get the baby off to sleep. It can take quite a time and patience and care is required to get these kind of photographs and you should be prepared to spend a couple of hours in the studio with your little one. If you are interested in this sort of shoot, please contact me about two weeks before your baby is due to book a provisional slot but don’t worry as it is normal for us to reschedule once your little one arrives.

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