Wedding Photography

Month: July 2017

Pre Wedding Photography with Kelly & Richard

I am pleased to share the pre wedding photography for Kelly and Richard who are getting married in August. We met up with them at home, as they are holding their wedding reception there. After our chat over the arrangements, we headed outside to take a few photographs. The sun deserted us but luckily the rain held off. Kelly and Richard are a great couple and we are looking forward to photographing their big day!

Pre Wedding Photographer at the Millhouse, Skidby with Lora & Dudley

I am pleased to share the pre wedding photography images for Lora and Dudley who are getting married in August at the Millhouse Restaurant, Skidby. We met up with them on a very bright, sunny evening and whilst the sunshine is lovely for relaxing in, it is not the best for photography!  Lora and Dudley were very relaxed and easy to work with so that made our job a bit easier. We are very much looking forward to photographing their wedding!

Pre Wedding Photography at Cave Castle with Chi & Gavin

On Friday we met up with Chi and Gavin who are getting married at Cave Castle in August. When we arrived it was bright and sunny and we sat outside on the terrace to chat about their plans. Before long some very dark clouds came over, but luckily the rain held off and we were able to go ahead with the photography outside as planned. Chi and Gavin are a lovely couple and were very easy to work with and we are very much looking forward to doing their wedding photography soon!

Wedding Photography in Sproatley with Lucy & Rhun

I am delighted to share the preview wedding photography for Lucy & Rhun who were married yesterday in Sproatley. The bride looked stunning in her dress from  Bridal Boutique, Sutton and bridesmaid Katy, Ellie, Emma, Beth, Lucy and  Llivern all looked amazing in their pastel pink dresses from Coast. When we arrived at the house, the girls were busy getting ready. It was very much a family occasion, with the marque decorations being made by family and friends, flowers by Lucy’s friend Rachael, at the Daisy Chain and the lovely wedding cake was made by Rhun’s auntie Dena, who was busy putting on the finishing touches whilst we took some photographs inside the marque. After the brides house, we met up with the boys in the Blue Bell and took the short walk to the church to take some quick photographs before the guests began to arrive. The tiny church was packed, and the vicar John, made us, and everyone else, very welcome. A small crowd of well-wishers gathered outside to greet the bride, who arrived with mum and dad, in keeping with tradition; a few minutes late. Emma and Bedwyr gave the readings and the Welsh contingent filled the church with their beautiful voices during the hymns. The happy couple exited the church in the summer sunshine and were showered with rose petal confetti before climbing aboard the tractor and trailer, that was driven by the bride’s godfather John. Guests enjoyed celebratory pimms and prosecco outside on the lawn, before heading inside for the wedding breakfast. Speeches caused much laughter and the bride and groom were serenaded by their Welsh family, led enthusiastically by the groom’s mum Helen! Lucy and Rhun had an action packed, fun day with their guests, and our brief was to photograph the wedding in a documentary style so’s they could spend their time with family and friends!  We had a great time photographing their wedding and look forward to sharing the rest of their photographs with them soon!

Pre wedding photography at Tickton Grange with Leanne & Rob

On Friday, we went along to Tickton Grange, to do the pre wedding photography for Leanne and Rob, who are getting married there, later on in the month. The heavens opened on the way there, but by the time we arrived, things had faired up and we were able to do the photographs outside as planned. Leanne and Rob were lovely company and very easy to work with and we are very much looking forward to photographing their wedding.

Wedding Photography