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Month: November 2016

Pre Wedding Photography at Rise Hall with Rachel and David

I am pleased to share with you the pre wedding photography for Rachel and David who are getting married in December. We met up with them late afternoon on Friday and just managed to capture some images in the last few rays of sunshine, before heading inside to chat through their wedding arrangements. It was delightful in the library and we were made very welcome by Helen. Winter weddings are always a bit of a challenge for photography as the days are short, but Rise Hall offers some fantastic inside spaces which makes it a little easier to get all of the photographs done, even once it is dark. We really enjoyed our chat with Rachel and David and look forward to photographing their wedding.

Wedding Photography at Cave Castle with Adam & Wade

It is difficult to know where to begin with this wedding photography blog as we had such a wonderful day with Adam and Wade. I suppose I must start by saying that they have stolen a little piece of our hearts, and judging by the atmosphere at the wedding, we are not the only ones. We started the day bright and early, and the scene was set for the day, as little William passed us on the stairs having his own little wedding strop, complaining to his dad Scott, that ‘everyone loves uncle Wade more than me!’. Scott and Wade’s room was crammed full of all things wedding when we arrived, and thanks to Wade’s mum Lyn for allowing us to use her room to capture a few detail shots, whilst the bridesmaids finished getting ready.

Adam and Wade had decided that as their wedding was not traditional, they wanted to get most of the photographs done before the ceremony. This was just as well, as the weather led us a right dance, with us running in and out, to avoid the rain showers more times than I care to mention!  At one point I was convinced I was doing the hokey cokey! We had such fun and everyone was in very good spirits and before we knew it, it was time for the all important ceremony.

The flower girls Katie and Amy led the procession, following by the ring bearers William and Jack, bridesmaids Becky (Adams sister), Zoe (Wades sister) and friends Holly and Zoe. Adam and Wade came down the aisle hand in hand and there were a few lips quivering and eyes watering, including mine!

There were no shy retiring wallflowers, as is normally the case, when guests were invited to take their photographs of the signing of the register, with family and friends crowding round to capture this very special moment. As the boys came back down the aisle the little flower girls could contain themselves no longer and rushed forward cheering to hug the happy couple!

The boys were piped outside by the sound of the bagpipes, and despite the autumnal chill, guests surged outside with celebratory drinks and hugs and kisses all round. We only had the big groups to capture, and my request for ‘all Adams family’ was met with laughter and a few renditions of the theme tune! Confetti, more drinks, silly faces and laughter followed and we had a brief few minutes to take some photos of Adam and Wade before they headed inside for their reception, just in time to avoid another downpour!

The room looked absolutely stunning with its autumnal theme. Leaves had been collected, and graded according to colour and hew, in the week before the wedding, by Adam and Wade, but the whole thing had been put together by the very talented Jill Fisher, who was also responsible for the amazing cake.

Adam’s best friend Holly said a few emotional words and Scott, Wades identical twin, almost brought the house down with his cheeky but heartfelt speech before the party got into full swing. First dance, cake cutting and Photo Booth madness  all added to the sense of celebration and afterwards, it being November the fifth, everyone grabbed coats and scarves, to head outside for the firework display. There was another wedding in the other room at Cave Castle, but as the couples photographer had gone home, Adam and Wade, were happy to pose alongside the couple for their firework photos.

Once back inside the Adam and Wade were treated to a surprise ‘modern ballet’ delivered by some rather large puppies, to the strains of ‘Who let the dogs out’ (you had to be there!). The party continued and the room was bursting with people and laughter – it was utter joy and we really didn’t want to leave!

A big thank you to Adam and Wade who trusted us to photograph our first gay wedding and for being such wonderful hosts. We had a totally wonderful day with you. It was an honour and a privilege to be part of your very special day. May happiness and joy follow you for the rest of your lives together! With all of our love…..  J & D xxx

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