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BNI Kingston Bevan Group – Hull

Recently I joined the BNI Kingston Bevan Group in Hull. Its a local business networking group that meets very early every Friday in Hull and when I was first invited to join, the prospect of getting up with the lark each Friday didn’t really appeal very much. Having been a member now since the beginning of February, I can honestly say meeting up with this amazing group of people is now one of the highlights of my working week! They are a fantastically friendly bunch and we have so many laughs during our meeting. The support that I have had from members within the group, has been amazing and my business is going from strength to strength as a consequence of my renewed energy and focus, that has most definitely come from being a part of this group.

So, I hear you all ask, apart from the camaraderie and the laughs, what is the point of this meeting? Well I've done business networking before, and I hated it, but this I love. Why, because there is a structure to the process and it works! What does this mean in reality? Well members work together to grow their businesses and we help each other where we can. The icing on this rather lovely cake, is that members refer each other to their associates and friends, which means that you have a large group of people who are doing your marketing for you! The result of this is that not only have I met a lot of new friends, but more importantly I have received referrals for new business and clients. These are clients that I wouldn't and couldn't have reached on my own! If you get a chance to join one of these fantastic groups, I urge you to join as quickly as you can, because if someone snaps up your category you will have lost an opportunity to market yourself to a whole new audience. More importantly if you are looking to grow your business, stop praying for new clients and join our merry band; you will not regret it!

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    1. Ha ha! Thank you Chris for your kind comments and for the final image which gives the whole blog such a fun theme!

  1. This group has a made a big difference to me and my business. I have met and continue to meet lots of useful contacts. I give referrals to the best in their business and in return I have received referrals that I just never could have had on my own.

    With Kingstown Bevan networking group, Friday mornings are the mostly lively anywhere in Hull!

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