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Wedding Photography Angrove Park – Abi & Mark’s Wedstival

Yesterday saw us photographing the wedding of Abi & Mark were wellies and posh frocks were the order of the day! We arrived at Angrove Park at around 9am to photograph the bride in what can only be described as torrential rain.We found Abi in her teepee with the hairdresser and make up artist and our hearts went out to her as she could have done with a life raft and water wings such was the force of the weather! Drips and puddles all around with hardly a dry spot in the house. Mark was on hand to provide a much needed hug and reassurance and undeterred the preparations began. Spirits lifted with the help of champagne and following a quick chat with the celebrant the decision was made to postpone for half an hour. The ceremony eventually took place at 11.30 by the fallen tree and finally the rain relented and their very personal and moving service went ahead without a hitch. The reception was held in a giant teepee and guests were treated to a hog roast and the celebrations got well and truly underway with a guest appearance by the King himself! Abi & Mark took the brave decision to do something personal and different for their wedding and they were rewarded with what can only be described as a truly magical and memorable occasion. We had a fantastic day with their family and friends and there are loads more wedding photographs to come. This is one we will not forget for a long time!

4 thoughts on “Wedding Photography Angrove Park – Abi & Mark’s Wedstival”

  1. Just wanted to say a big thank you to Joanne, she was a fantastic support to my sister Abi on her wedding day, much more than a photographer. Without you I’m not sure I would ever have managed to figure out how to get that dress on her!

    1. Hi Harriet – thanks for your lovely feedback! It was a great day and I am now listening to Elvis whilst working through the rest of the photographs! Its like reliving it all again!

  2. Hi Joanne, Was lovely meeting you both. I have just been looking at the photo’s and would like to say you have done an amazing job at capturing the moments in what was an almighty weather challenging day! Hope we can keep in touch and look forward to having you photographing here at Angrove Park again soon 😉

    1. Hi Louise it was really lovely to meet you too! Thank you so much for your kind comments about the photos – the weather was as you say an ‘almighty challenge’! I have just about dried out! It would be wonderful to photograph your fantastic venue again!

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