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Wedding Photography Lincolnshire – Laura & Lee’s Wedding at the Reeds Hotel, Barton

Here are the preview wedding photographs for Laura and Lee who were married yesterday at the Reeds Hotel in Barton.

I first met Laura and Lee at a wedding fayre. As soon as I saw them coming towards me I knew that I WANTED this wedding! Once they had spoken to me I knew that I definitely wanted this wedding! ┬áLaura and Lee are a really lovely couple and I have been lucky enough to work with them on a number of occasions now. Laura’s beautiful red hair obviously gives her the edge with the ‘wow’ factor but they are both a ‘wow’ in so many other ways. They are funny, adventurous, friendly and willing to take a chance; this was never more evident than on their first dance, which I can safely say was one of the funniest and most moving I have ever seen! Their friends and family were warm, friendly and spirited and there was literally never a dull moment at this amazing wedding!

I should give a word of thanks to my ever suffering husband David who patiently, but diligently puts up with my ridiculous requests to do the impossible with the lighting equipment, and also to my darling god daughter Amelia, who is studying photography and came along with a view to learning something from us. Evidently what she learned was that David and I argue just like her parents but in a more civil fashion!

My final words are for Laura and Lee who are really fantastic people. I just hope that I have done justice to you both and have managed to capture your unique sense of style in the photographs. Thank you so much for choosing us to photograph your wedding; it was a blast!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Photography Lincolnshire – Laura & Lee’s Wedding at the Reeds Hotel, Barton”

  1. Hi, my name is Pearl. I grew up and went to school with Laura’s Mum, Jenny. I knew the photos of Laura and Lee would be stunning because they are very happy and special people but seeing how they turned out was an absolute delight. Cant wait to see the rest and how the Mother and Father of the Bride look as well as the guests. Beautiful dosent even begin to say how Joanne has captured Laura and Lee’s obvious love for each other. Blown away by the pictures.

    1. Hi Pearl thank you so much for your lovely feedback! I am so glad that you like the photos and hope that you enjoy looking at the rest.

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