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Month: August 2012

Baby Portrait Photography, East Yorkshire

Here are some recent shots from a photoshoot with a baby!  It can be tricky photographing babies as they dont take direction and have a short attention span, but with a bit of patience you can create some lovely photos. A baby portrait or a family portrait session costs only £35 and a lot of people have a family portrait done to give as Christmas presents or for Christmas cards. If you are thinking of booking a family portrait session for Christmas, make sure you book your appointment early as I get booked up very quickly!

Rainy Day Wedding Photographs

I get a lot of couples asking me when is the best time to get married from a photography point of view and given the English weather thats quite a tricky question! There is no easy answer to this but in general terms its probably best to avoid having the ceremony too early in the summer months as we will be fighting with the midday sunshine (if we’re lucky!). During the summer months, assuming the weather is good, the light is probably the kindest after 3pm in the afternoon and you are less likely to get nasty shadows and people squinting into the camera! A good wedding photographer will always be able to work with whatever light conditions prevail and will come prepared to shoot in any conditions – including rain!  In the autumn and winter, it is best to avoid having your ceremony too late as you will lose the natural light much earlier than in the summer months. Having said this, we have got some of our most dramatic images from moody, stormy days! There are no guarantees with the weather no matter what time of the year you get married. Make sure your wedding photographer can show you examples of rainy day weddings and winter weddings – that way you can be confident that they will be able to create some lovely wedding photos whatever the weather! All of the examples seen here were taken on less than perfect days and in most cases, we had driving rain! We carry some rather pretty wedding umbrellas with us at all times and also bring a glamorous coat for the bride if its cold – you can see this in the first image!  Sometimes the bride doesn’t want to give it back!

Leah & Lukes pre wedding photo shoot at Elsham Hall, Lincolnshire

Another gorgeous couple and another fantastic venue!  The pre wedding photoshoot is a great way for me to get to know my clients and I have had a lovely morning with Luke and Leah at Elsham Hall. Everyone is nervous about having their wedding photos done and I always find that couples get a much better end result if they have had a pre wedding shoot first. It helps to build confidence. Elsham Hall is such a fantastic venue for photographs and I always have difficulty in making my mind up where to shoot!  This morning was no exception and we didnt even get into the totally fabulous walled garden!  Ah, well there’s still the wedding to come! Brides always worry about how they will look on photos and when I tell them they’ll be gorgeous they never quite believe me! The other thing they worry about is the weather, so this morning we did a quite arty shot with an umbrella! It wasnt actually raining at that point – but I did get rather wet after Leah and Luke had gone!  Serves me right for staying on to look at the chickens!  Yes – chickens!  You have to know me to understand!

Vintage Wedding Photography, East Yorkshire

I get a lot of couples coming to talk to me about their wedding photography and recently I have been getting a lot of questions about retro or vintage wedding photography.  Those of you who know my work will be aware that I am a fan of sepia and black and white wedding photos.  I always shoot my weddings in colour but really enjoy seeing what the finished results look like in sepia and black and white!  There are so many creative wedding photography options and I always find it difficult to make a decision about which one to chose. Sometimes a wedding lends itself particularly well to the vintage wedding photography style and the one featured here was a perfect example!  The bride wore a grecian style wedding dress with plenty of movement which lent itself very well to some romantic, natural style photography. In addition, we were blessed with some fabulous locations; St Charles Church in Hull, where the priest was one of the most helpful and accommodating people I have had the joy of working with, and also the fairytale wedding venue; Elsham Hall, where Elaine and her team always weave their wedding magic and manage to make each and every wedding something extra special! If you are thinking about vintage wedding photography as your preferred style, there are a number of things to consider. First and foremost the wedding dress. Make sure that if you are looking for wedding photographs with movement in them that your dress will also move. Some of the beautiful big dresses dont move at all and will therefore not create the ‘sweep’ that you see in these images. There are two other factors; the first is the venue. Look for unusual features where you could create images that are reminiscent of a bygone age. Finally, your wedding photographer!  Make sure you find a photographer who is confident in the vintage style of photography and is willing to listen to your ideas for your wedding photos and willing to work with you to create that special photograph that is unique to you and your wedding.

Charlotte & Gary’s Pre Wedding Shoot at Nostell Priory, West Yorkshire

Had a lovely morning with Charlotte and Gary at Nostell Priory for their pre wedding shoot. Arrived early and went for a wander around to see the sights only to be very politely admonished by a lady who was rather startled to discover that we had managed to get in when it was effectively shut and without paying too!  Oooops! Charlotte and Gary arrived in the nick of time or I feel we may have been put on litter picking duty for our cheek! In the end the lady was very sweet and very helpful and we had a great time taking some photos followed by a rather splendid cream tea which is definitely not on my diet sheet!  Never mind all in the call of duty – honest!

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